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Problem gambling is still most common among younger gamblers. Among boys of 11–16, 2.0% are classified as problem gamblers; the only age group with a higher percentage of problem gambling is 25–34 year old men, at 2.4%. For girls of 11–16, while the problem gambling rate at 0.7% is lower than for boys, this is over double the rate of any other female age group

It is also clear that there is considerable geographical variation in problem gambling. It is higher in Scotland (0.9%) and in Wales (0.8%) than in England (0.7%), but the most striking variations are between the English regions.

The rate is highest in the North East and in the West Midlands (both 1.1%); in London it is 0.9%, but only 0.3% in the South East and 0.2% in the South West.301 A study commissioned by Leeds City Council in 2016 found that there were approximately 10,000 problem gamblers in Leeds (1.8% of the adult population) and a further 30,000 at risk (5.5%).302 The Leeds figures have to be approached with some caution, since the definitions used were not identical, and research has indicated that the mode of administration


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